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Be act'EVE

Climate change has its origins in decades of industrialization and pollution. No one is individually responsible, and yet we must acknowledge that global warming is a reality.

In Europe, the challenge of fighting climate change is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from 11 to 2 tons per capita per year. These are the objectives of the European Union's Green Deal. Success can only be achieved if everyone contributes collectively.


I am ...


From the 09th of May to the 05th of June

Be informed of the release of the act'EVE app


The very first and only competition for European volunteers

Being a volunteer for the European Solidarity Corps also means committing to and participating in stimulating and rewarding environmental projects. The Act'EVE app is a means of bringing together young people from all backgrounds to work together for the planet. Every action counts, even the smallest ones, and together, we can contribute to a more sustainable future.

How will you be act'EVE?


Regularly updated content to discover topics related to the environmental impacts of our daily habits on Biodiversity, Food, Technologies and many more topics.


To anchor knowledge and discovery it is essential to understand it. Find out our detailed sheet to learn more about a subject to get further information to really understand what the problem is.


Last step in the learning journey: bring the action to your daily life and take up the challenge! Even small acts can have a BIG impact.

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